The watch that Rafael Nadal tennis: there you can easily buy three houses


Rafael Nadal is one of the few tennis players actually on the job with a sponsored watch. But the Spaniard also has a gadget more than seven tons to his wrist.

Drag tennis phenomenon Rafal Nadal for the tenth time the title of the guard at the men’s tournament at Roland Garros? That question the tennis world keeps busy these days.

But colleagues clay king Nadal in Paris also look for something replica rolex else, so identifies business newspaper The Wall Street Journal: the special watch Nadal wears on the job. It is a unique example of the Swiss company Richard Mille.

Several tennis players have their name attached to a watch brand. So Roger Federer is sponsored by Rolex and Maria Sharapova Tag Heuer. Few players also wear actually watches during official matches. Nadal does well since 2010.

Super Watch Rafael Nadal

His current watch is not only resistant to baking sweat and dust, but apparently not even bother him if he beats a two-handed backhand, with the watch on his right wrist. “It feels like it is not there, as if part of my skin,” Nadal stated replica rolex uk recently, according to the WSJ.

There is a price tag of 775 thousand dollars to be exact, converted about 711 thousand euros.

The high value ‘m not sitting in expensive embellishments with jewels. Especially the mechanics of the watch is special. Which ensures that the movement can and still continues to work accurately at high pressure and severe shock. It is made of carbon and quartz, with titanium screws. And Nadal may find it excessively even in the shower.

Two copies stolen

The present watch is not the first instance that Mille made cheap rolex  specifically for Nadal. Two previous watches were stolen, according to the WSJ, one by a hotel employee who was later caught.

Tennis Colleagues Eric Butorac Nadal saved a few years ago lost a great watch. He found a Mille watch between a towel in a locker room during the tournament of Cincinnati. “I remember when I held it and thought, ‘Wow, this is worth more than all the prize of my career.'” Butorac Nadal later met in a training room and gave back the watch.

Rolex is the company with the best reputation in the world, won the Italian Ferrero

It is the Swiss Rolex, the company with the best reputation in the world. Precise and perfect just like one of his sought-after watches, now heads the Geneva indeed the special ranking by the Reputation Institute, the American organization that annually evaluates the strength and the international recognition of the most popular brands. A lead to the triumph of the Swiss giant, according to consumer ratings, the effectiveness and efficiency of its services and its products, a total considered to be the best.
Behind the Rolex, the second and third place are the prerogative of Google, respectively, awarded to the most comfortable working environment, and Disney, which, however, it should be noted, again to hear the views of users, for its strong responsibility social.

Off the podium, round out the top five German car maker BMW, which in 2015 stood at the top of the list, and compatriot Daimler, passed in twelve months from third to fifth place.
Scrolling down the list, where it is reported the vertiginous collapse of the Volkswagen, slipped past the hundredth position after being fourteenth as recently as a year ago, the first Italian company Ferrero, eighteenth, followed by Armani brand, thirty, Barilla, forty, and Lavazza, seventy-sixth, all, except for the latter, a slight but steady growth.

Lui è Don Antonio Tamponi, 44 anni di Calangianus, parroco della Cattedrale San Pietro di Tempio Pausania che domenica scorsa al temine della Santa Messa ha annunciato davanti ai fedeli l’intenzione di mettere in vendita il suo Rolex, orologio regalatogli da alcuni amici di Olbia per il suo 33esimo compleanno, in cambio di 20 agnelli da dare in dono ai poveri.

Una notizia balzata agli onori della cronaca in poche ore.

“Il tutto nasce quando nel 2010 sono arrivato a Tempio – racconta a Sardegna Live Don Tamponi – e nel corso di un’intervista per un’emittente locale il giornalista mi chiese se fossi disponibile a vendere quell’oggetto per i poveri. Inoltre, quando uscì questa notizia, a casa entrarono i ladri armati sino al collo e rubarono tutti gli orologi di famiglia custoditi nella cassaforte, tranne il Rolex, che si trovava con me in Cattedrale. Ovviamente accettai. Sono nato senza Rolex e posso essere sepolto senza quell’orologio. Sono quei regali tipici che si fanno ai sacerdoti o quando diventiamo preti o per il compleanno, così come una penna Montblanc etc”.

Baselworld 2016 novelties signed Rolex


The new Rolex signed at Baselworld 2016 is one of the great advances seen 17 to 24 March 2016 to sample Schweizer Mustermesse Basel fair. For 2016 Rolex decided to offer many variations to its wide selection of timepieces, designed to meet the different needs. The new Cosmograph Daytona to the new Air-King, the new Datejust 41 to the new Lady-Datejust 28, also new models for Pearlmaster 39 and the Day-Date, and updates for the Yacht-Master and Explorer, but a gust of freshness even for Cellini Time, Date and Dual Time.

141,000 square meters of exhibition space with all the news from the World Clock Shop, also including the news from Rolex. 20,000 people including enthusiasts, professionals and journalists today will cross the threshold Rolex GMT Master Replica of the event where luxury is the true protagonist, to see the best names in the watch and jewelery. Rolex has decided to present here the latest creations, as well as a new internal certification for all of its watches.
For 2016 Rolex presents the new version of its model Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in 904L stainless steel with black ceramic bezel block Cerachrom developed and manufactured by Rolex reminiscent of the model dating back to 1965, with black disk Plexiglas.

At Baselworld 2016 Rolex also presents the new model Oyster Perpetual Air-King with a black dial, stainless steel 904L of 40 mm and large reference numbers 3, 6 and 9 for the hour and minute scale in the foreground for reading sailing times.
New generation for the Oyster Perpetual Datejust, available in yellow or Rolesor Rolesor Everose with a wide selection of dials.

News also for the female model Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust with a redesigned case and enlarged to 28 mm and also for the Oyster Perpetual Datejust 39 embellished with diamonds and animated by a new generation movement.
Design updated and a new mechanical movement for Day-Date 40, and also new version of the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master declined Rolesor Everose with chocolate dial.

The World Watch and Jewellery Show also presents the new 2016 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer version with exclusive Chromalight display that provides exceptional readability in all conditions.
And finally, launch of new versions Time Cellini, Cellini Cellini Dual Time and Date: The Cellini Time shall have a white lacquered dial redesigned, Cellini Date has a strap and a blue color dial, while Cellini Dual Time has a strap and a brown color dial.

Rolex Sky-Dweller: Check the model “full” pink gold

Rolex existed then, since 2012, in both “full” yellow gold “full” white gold. The model was also available in rose gold, but only chocolate alligator strap and dial. In 2014, after two years of commercialization of this highly technical piece, the Geneva rolex ladies oyster datejust 31 manufacture logically fate versions yellow gold and white gold on leather strap and a version “full” pink gold (Everose) dial with rose gold. In all probability and as Rolex habits in this area, so we should see the arrival of two or three years versions gold and steel and perhaps someday, a version any steel. Or not…

Just like its bigger brothers, the Sky-Dweller is equipped with the automatic caliber 9001 developed and manufactured by Rolex (COSC certified), and with a very comfortable power reserve of 72 hours! What to wear your Submariner during the weekend and get your Sky-Dweller Monday perfectly on time.


More concretely, the Sky-Dweller offers original and innovative way for frequent travelers the information they need to easily identify in time: dual time with local time by central hands and displaying a reference time to 24-hour rolex lady datejust format on an eccentric rotary disk on the dial; moreover, it has a particularly innovative annual calendar named SAROS -in reference to the astronomical phenomenon in inspire- requiring only a single correction time per year, between February and March and displaying -simple month but still had to penser- there in twelve discrete windows on the perimeter of the dial.

The Sky-Dweller (the inhabitant of the sky in French) is meant “to read as intuitive as simple to use.” To quickly set the local time, reference time and timing, it is provided with an also very innovative interface between the housing and movement. This interface is indicated by the rotating bezel RING COMMAND (same spirit as the Yacht-Master II) for selecting the functions to adjust by simply rotating the bezel. These functions then adjust quickly and in both directions through the winding crown which has only one correct position.

Available now in both “full” 18 ct Everose (rose gold Rolex) sunk by the Geneva brand in its own foundry, equipped with a fluted bezel emblematic of the brand’s codes, the Sky-Dweller has a housing Oyster 42 mm (one mm more than the Day-Date II, a nice size not too big nor too small).

Chuck Yeager Rolex GMT Master II Replica (for sale)

Once it became testimonial of a brand only if you had achieved something truly extraordinary. For Rolex, before being appointed to this role, or you had to swim across the sleeve, as he did in 1927 with Mercedes Gleitze well tied to the wrist of one of the first Oyster story, or make an undertaking of which you were not the well that clue how, and if, he’d gone out alive.
Chuck Yeager Rolex GMT Master II (sold @Antiquorum)

So it was for Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager, USAF test pilot, the first man in the world in 1947 to exceed the sound barrier aboard the airplane Bell X-1.

Chuck’s life is incredible: if the film had not by now accustomed to the impossible, reading it, we would think that would belong to the script of some “virtual hero” of Hoollywood (approfondiscila on Wikipedia). Yet Chuck Yeager, the day he made his memorable enterprise, was wearing a normal Oyster: either they were able to tell it anyway.

Chuck Yeager
On February 25 to lot 77, Antiquorum auction of watches in Hong Kong, there will be a Chuck Yeager Rolex Ref. 16710 Oyster Perpetual Date GMT Master II sold by The Real McCoy’s built in Geneva in 2001 in a limited edition of only 50 specimens.

As you may have realized it is a very rare Rolex, born to be collected. The model on sale is equipped with a 24-hour black bezel instead of red and black called “Coke”. The case back is engraved with “General Chuck Yeager, The Real McCoy’s” and the image of the Bell X-1. Mount the 3185 Caliber with rhodium plate and decorations oeil-de-perdrix. And ‘accompanied by original box and booklets, including the COSC certificate, and a certificate of authenticity Real McCoy’s.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER Replica Watch

Sky-Dweller, here it is! After the usual long wait usual Rolex has dictated to the world before giving his news Baselworld 2012, “he” – beyond the rumors – (strategically spread the Maison itself) is a “Day-Date with a second time zone GMT and, in addition to typical data under a mammoth window, an indicator of the month that requires only one correction per year: in practice, as an annual calendar though – usually – in this complication is also including an indication of the day. Literally “Sky-Dweller” means “inhabitant of heaven” if the name was expected a new era of sports watches like the Submariner and the GMT-Master, again from Geneva were able to surprise us! It was enough to “take on the word” …
Will never part of a war equipment, but rather will be a peaceful companion on long journeys, it is in heaven, but only for pleasure or business! We see the SKY-DWELLER news directly from Rolex press release: although to see it – like all Rolex replica does not appear – but it is a very sophisticated watch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual SKY-DWELLER

With its fourteen patents, of which five are new deposits, the SKY-DWELLER is able to provide great travelers, all the information that they need to easily orient themselves in time: the dual time with local time indicated by the hands central reference time in 24-hour format of decentralized rotating disk on the dial; The particularly innovative annual calendar, called SAROS referring eponymous astronomical phenomenon that inspired one that requires correction and the date each year, between February and March, and the indication of the months within twelve discrete windows that follow the edge of the dial.

The Rolex SKY-DWELLER is as intuitive to read as it is simple to use. To quickly adjust the local time, reference time and calendar, the watch is equipped with highly innovative interface between the case and the movement. This interface is realized in the COMMAND RING bezel, which allows you to select the functions to be adjusted by simply turning the same. After selecting the function, you can quickly adjust from the only position correction winding crown, in both directions.

The SKY-DWELLER home to the new caliber 9001, entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex replica and is officially certified as a Swiss chronometer.

New Ceramic Bezel Rolex Daytona Price and Photos

Want a new Rolex Daytona? Sit down and wait. Long awaited news Baselworld 2016 – after the 2013 model platinum each edition of the Basel Fair could be the right one; this time, with the usual two touches (magic) Geneva, the Daytona has completely changed the face.

Seeing and photographing live my first impression is that the version with white dial combined with black ceramic bezel is the most attractive: it would not surprise me at all so if, after the arrival of this latest tiny change, for the leaders to date version from black face there was a decline of interest.

New Black Ceramic Bezel Rolex Daytona

Actually it is not the first time that a Rolex Daytona wearing dark glasses. It happened for the first time already in 1965, but it was a plexiglass disc. Today, ceramic bezel and quite another thing: aesthetics and visibility of the tachometer you notice how.

I think it is not considered in greater depth in this post as it made the Cerachrom if not remember that, following a super-tested by Maison strategy, even before appearing on the Daytona Platinum 2013 this special material was introduced two years earlier on a Daytona in Everose gold.
The point is that now, with the contrast with which the numbers appear in white on black, the tachometer scale seems to say: “take me”!

But updates are not just about ceramic bezel; mechanical automatic movement manufacture caliber 4130 is now certified “Superlative Chronometer” with an accuracy of + 2 / -2 seconds a day. Are new much more narrow parameters of the COSC chronometer certification issued by other big news Rolex 2016.

Everything else, as always remaining on the spiral motion blue Parachrom, passing through the hands Chromalight coated in white gold, and finally the full use of 904L stainless steel, being part of the winning team brand philosophy will never change, that’s all exactly as before.

Costs of 9.450 Euro list price.

With the Rolex Daytona 2016, the philosophy of the small (but consistent) improvements made again center. More information about new models with Cerachrom black ceramic bezel on the Rolex website.

You which color combination of the dial / black bezel prefer?